06 November 2011

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PTPTN Gets RM1.5 Billion Islamic Loan From CIMB
 IRB to deduct salary for PTPTN replayment in 2012 he Inland Revenue Board (IRB) is expected to implement the automatic salary deduction on borrowers of loans from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) from Jan 1, 2012. IRB director-general and chief executive officer Tan Sri Hasmah Abdullah said the board was jointly drafting the law, system and operation with the corporation to enable it to recover the loans more effectively. "The draft, which is being fine-tuned, will be brought to Parliament the latest by June next year," she said at the closing of the IRB's electronic revenue accounting system (eRAS) project, here, today. Hasmah said the law was important to enable the IRB take appropriate action if borrowers failed to repay their PTPTN loans. She said for the time being, the borrowers could voluntarily pay up their loans in instalments at the IRB offices since it was one of the repayment channels. The IRB has been given the responsibility to be a collecting agency in order to overcome the problem of borowers' loan arrears faced by the corporation. Earlier, Hasmah said IRB would implement eRAS with six modules, namely e-Lejar, e-BayarBalik, e-Kutipan, e-Akaun, e-Penyata and EIS. The system is made available by Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd, after the agreement to develop it was signed two years ago. Hasmah said the system was aimed at improving service delivery to tax payers and assisting the board's officers carry out their tasks more efficiently. "The e-Penyata is vital as it is able to issue statements of accounts to tax payers when the issue of supplementary assessment or less assessment is raised," she said. The IRB has set up a call centre for any enquiry on eRAS at 1-300-88-3010.  

PTPTN allocates RM5.8bil in student loans this year 
TEMERLOH: The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has allocated RM5.8bil in loans to students pursuing their studies locally and abroad this year. Its chairman, Datuk Ismail Mohamed Said, said it was an increase of almost RM2bil from the over RM4bil disbursed to 210,000 students last year. "The number will continue to rise annually as PTPTN is one of the main financiers for students in the country, although there are other government and state government agencies also providing such loans," he told reporters after attending a Chinese New Year open house hosted by Kuala Krau MCA here Thursday. Ismail said PTPTN had given out RM24bil to 1.3mil students in the country since its establishment in 1997. However, up to last year, only RM2.3bil had been collected in loan repayment despite various reminders issued to borrowers, he said. "We are willing to consider if they are having problems repaying loans, but they have to come and discuss it with us, not just keep quiet," he said, adding that those who had been blacklisted for not repaying their loan, would be tracked down sooner or later with the cooperation of the police and immigration department. - Bernama  

(The Star: 12-06-2011) - MOHE We refer to the publications by Fed – Up Student, Sri Kembangan, Selangor in The Star dated 12th June 2011. 

All borrowers are encouraged to start their loan repayment as soon as they complete their studies, without waiting for notice or instruction from PTPTN. An estimated installment amount is stated in the PTPTN loan agreement. Repayment made within 6 months after completion of studies or termination of loan will not be charged with administration cost. Borrowers are also encouraged to fully settle their loan. We wish to inform that under the current policy, borrowers who make full settlement will be enjoying the administration cost of 1% except those who are facing legal action or breach of loan contract. Borrowers who intend to make early full settlement are required to fill up the ”Borang Permohonan Baki Pinjaman” to ensure that the settlement amount paid is accurate in order to avoid any dispute in the future. However, for those who intend to pay monthlyinstallments, payments can be madethrough various channels. For further information regarding loan repayments, borrowers are advised to visit PTPTN website at www.ptptn.gov.my. We would like to express our appreciation to the borrower for the commitment towards settling his PTPTN loan. Please provide us with further details by contacting us at 03 - 2098 3712 or 03 – 2098 5008.

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