05 December 2011


Justin Bieber & Kelly Rowland Do 'X Factor UK'

Justin Bieber and Kelly Rowland were the celebrity guest performers on Sunday's results show of 'The X Factor UK' (December 4th) - The teen pop star performed his hit Christmas single "Mistletoe" while the former Destiny's Child member treated the UK audience with a medley performance comprising her global dance smash "When Love Takes Over" and new RedOne-produced single "Down For Whatever". Enjoy! Did JB overuse the adlibs? Kelly murdered the stage, but did she wow vocally?

Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey - 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' together they perform in a Music Video
Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey have one magical night at Macy's in the recently VEVO premiered music video for 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' - This new version can be found on The Bieber's holiday album "Under the Mistletoe" - I like! I really wasn't feeling this JB and Mimi collabo at first, cause the original is pretty much untouchable, but the video has changed my mind! Very festive, colorful, and right on the money. During the shopping stampede in the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip, JB plugs for Nintendo 3DS, Adidas shoes, Shazam and Macy's of course. Towards the end, a handful of people surround Mariah and Justin who are sitting on a sledge, and unleashing all their chemistry. BTW, didn't Mariah look a bit TOO sexual in some scenes? I mean, she was shaking her booty up against that poor wall, lol.

Justin Bieber Visits 'The Today Show' & 'The View'
Justin Bieber wants his debut Christmas album 'Under the Mistletoe' back on the top of the charts, that's the reason why the 17-year-old star has increased his promotional appearances on TV this week - Earlier today (November 23rd), The Bieber stopped by first on NBC's 'The Today Show' for an outdoors mini-concert at NYC's Rockefeller Plaza before a crowd of thousands. The setlist there included; "Never say Never", the Jackson 5–ified "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "Mistletoe" and "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)", with feature guest Usher appearing on stage! Check out this last performance in the video above, and watch the rest by clicking on the links below.

Also today, Justin Bieber visited the 'The View' girls to chitchat for a few minutes about his holiday album, his career, fame, etc etc...(Full Interview) and later JB took the center stage to perform, alongside R&B diva Mary J. Blige (say what!!?), his hit single "Mistletoe". I never in a million years expected a duet between this two to ever occur. SO random. In any case, it was interesting to see how Mary taugh JB how's to be a killer vocalist, and owning a stage at the same time! Show him Mary!

Justin Bieber - Fa La La (Music Video!)
Justin Bieber has premiered on VEVO the music video for "Fa La La", the newest single taken from the Canadian singer's holiday album "Under the Mistletoe" - The R&B-ish tune was produced by Tricky Stewart and features talented trio Boyz II Men. I like this song! Good vocals by JB, but DAMN with Boyz II Men's! They totally outsang little Bieber, lol. "Fa La La" is probably the last radio-friendly, single-worthy track on "Under the Mistletoe" so I completely approve its release. However, I would go with the collaboration with The Band Perry, "Home this Christmas" next. That song is pure brilliance. And it'd be a great tune for the proper Xmas days IMO. After that I see no more future singles from Bieber's album, but sales will still go nice so :). Commenting on the "Fa La La" visual, it's a black and white effort, and it basically sees JB with Boyz II Men singing on a mansion's portico, mixed with scenes of Justin at an empty room filled with mirrors. Hmmm, way too simple if you ask me. Justin's label execs are super stingy or what?


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