29 December 2011

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CityVille Guide - Strategies and Secrets to help you succeed!

CityVille Guide

So you want to win CityVille, or maybe just pass up your friends? Here are a few simple tips to help get you the results you want!

Scroll to the end for charts (you know you love charts!!)

 This information subject to change at any time. CityVille is a brand new game and is still being tweaked to find the best balance. If you see discrepancies, you can make a note in the comments below. Hope you enjoy my guide!

Order of Operations

There are many limiting factors in this game (energy, goods, money, etc.) so you want to choose the best things to focus on if you are trying to level up quickly. Keep an eye on your XP bar. If you're about to level up, try to use up all your energy first as you will get a partial refill. You may want to hold off on accepting neighbor help if you're really close.

1. Supply your franchises! - Franchises pay out the best ratio of coins/ good. Franchise your neighbor's cities as MUCH as you can! (see charts below to pick the best business based on your stats)

If you need goods first:

a. Send the 5 minute Charlie Train (does not use energy and brings back lots of goods!)

b. Let your neighbors tend your ships and crops.

c. Shipping is better than Farming!!!

2. Activate the neighbors

Accept their help and follow them around. Try to get your bonus meter up all the way! 5 bonuses for the first stage, and 4 for to fill the bar for each next stage (there are 10 stages, so click on 51 bonus items).

3. Harvest your soon to expire ships/ crops until your storage is full

4. Collect from your best paying buildings (or the ones you need collectibles from)

5. Don't forget your community buildings! They usually give you an energy or 2 too!

6. Use remaining energy on highest payout to lowest payout buildings and to refill your goods.

Center of the action

Put your crops in the middle of your game if you are in short goods supply so your neighbors will help you get goods faster and harvest them without using your energy.

Shipping is far more profitable than farming, so work on expanding your shipping business! You can fit as many as 8 boats/ pier.

CityVille Guide - Strategies and Secrets to help you succeed!
Decorations = Profit!

Make a profitable square surrounded with decorations. Get that bonus up as high as possible! You can use the 'move' tool to put ready buildings in there to harvest.

Surround your best buildings with decorations to increase your profits.

Good decorations to use are those that give more bouses than the space they take up. Bronze statue, pink flowers, arboretum, and the plaza are good examples. Put the large decorations as far away from the center as possible so you have space to fill in more little decorations.

You can create another ring around your initial profit square with some decorations. I did this because it is VERY time consuming to move each building into the center to collect the max bonus. This also lets me collect the money and xp faster, thus increasing my bonus bar.

Franchises add bonus too, but are very large (5x5) and can block things behind them. Consider putting trees and goods storage behind franchises if you want to use them for bonuses. You get +2%/ floor.

If you're willing to spend money on your online entertainment, for just $10 you can get 75 city cash which you can use to buy the fun bonus boosting decorations like the tennis court, bridge pond, bandstand, etc. These 3 will increase your bonus square by a whopping 128%!

Connecting to Roads

You do NOT need to connect community buildings or franchise headquarters to roads. I recommend putting the community buildings far from the active parts of your city so you have space.

You can connect buildings to roads using Sidewalks!!!! Do this to fit more decorations around your businesses and houses.


Zynga games are social games! CityVille allows you to franchise on other people's cities and have them put their businesses on yours! Ask your friends to put out a plot for your businesses and be sure you supply them as often as possible.

You get the most coins/ good from supplying 5 star businesses. Use your best businesses in your franchises and ask your neighbors to do the same on yours. There is a limit to how many plots you can put out (20) and you can remove your neighbor's lower businesses if you want.

Try to max out your franchises with businesses from neighbors who will supply often. You get coins, goods and energy every time they supply!

Your coin bonus will decrease over time, so be sure to check often and supply all your franchises!


If you need goods: Tend your neighbor's crops and put your crops in the middle of your city for your neighbors to tend.

If you need coins: Tend their housing, water their crops, speed up the boats, tend businesses (slow), or cut down trees.

2 neighbors tended the same boat/crop!
- When a neighbor harvests your goods and an empty ship/ plot is left behind, you can refill that spot with a 1 hour good (like Shanghai shipping or Eggplants). When you accept help from the next neighbor, the spot will be ready to collect again!

- You might build a strategy around this were you leave a ship or crop ready for a little while and let your neighbors all tend that spot over and over while you just refill it.
Time limits

You can send gifts to all your friends a few times per day. I'm not sure the limit, but try every 6 hours or so and you can gift and get the most gifts possible!

You can visit your neighbors and tend things on their cities every 12 hours. Visit them often to boost your reputation and get goods or coins. You will only get the bonus popup screen once/ day.

Crops and shipped goods expire, so come back in time and collect them before they die. You neighbors can also save them for you, and post more goods on your wall, so if they do go bad, you can wait until someone takes care of them for you.
Reference Charts!!

I loooove making charts and choosing what I buy/ tend most often to get the most profits. Make sure you have a variety of buildings so you can complete all the collections you need to/ that give you the trade in bonus you want.

Housing - Choose your houses based on how often you play, your space requirements, how much money you have, etc.! Lower level players (under 25) may opt for the Terraced Brownstone. Higher levels will find success with Colonial Chalet and Skyscraper Condos!

TIP: The higher your population, the faster you large businesses will become ready, thus the incentive to buy high priced housing.

I don't focus on housing for income, but it's nice as you don't need to supply them with goods. Perhaps put them in the center of your city so your neighbors can collect rent for you!

Businesses - For low level players, Video Games makes a great 2nd or 3rd franchise! Cosmetics store is also nice for low levels (4.8)

Like with everything else, you want variety so you get the collectibles, but remember to focus on franchising and mainly collecting from the highest paying businesses!

If you've unlocked them franchise these: Jewelry Store, Sushi bar, Handbags, and Wedding shop! If you haven't, you might want to wait (yes, they're that good).

CityVille has been out for a while now, and we've already discovered all kinds of CityVille Cheats & Tips to help you get ahead. Whether you're a new CityVille player looking for cheats and tips, or a CityVille veteran well versed in the game's cheats and tips, I guarantee you'll be able to learn something from our CityVille Cheats & Tips Guide.

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Developer(s)     Zynga
Platform(s)     Internet
Release date(s)     Facebook
December 2, 2010[1]

September 26, 2011
Genre(s)     City-building, construction and management simulation
Mode(s)     Single-player with multiplayer interaction
Media/distribution     Web browser
Screenshot from CityVille

CityVille is a casual social city-building simulation game developed by Zynga, and released in December 2010[2][3].

The game is very similar to SimCity and Farmville,[4]. The goal is to develop a city by farming, constructing buildings, and collecting rent. The game is a freemium game, meaning there is no cost to play but players have the option of purchasing premium content.


It was announced on November 18, 2010, but the launch date was adjusted to December to allow Zynga to make adjustments to the game.[2][3]

The game had 100,000 players on its launch day making it Zynga's largest launch ever at the time of its release.[5] On January 2, 2011, it reached the most monthly active users for an application ever on Facebook, beating Farmville's previous record although numbers may drop as its release date was exactly a month prior.[6] Within its first 50 days, CityVille grew to 61 million monthly active users.[7]

CityVille became available as a game on Google+ late September 2011, as announced on the Google mainpage the 26th of September, 2011.
The game allows players to become the mayor of a virtual city and to oversee its development into a large metropolis. Players can perform tasks, which include farming, construction, and rent collection in their city using energy points. The amount of energy available increases as the user gains in experience levels, up to a maximum of 30, or 37 with the dam addition. [8] The energy points are replenished automatically at a constant rate.

The player can also visit their neighbor's city and perform up to 5 different jobs every 12 hours. This gives the user reputation points which provides the user with a free goods bonus and one or two heart requests with each reputation level-up and increases the amount of energy, XP and coins bonuses available on a daily basis. Players can send other players gifts and help them in some of the goals. The main task of the game is to complete goals, which can be seen on the top left corner of the screen and earn City Coins and purchase all current items for some. Players can also buy goods, sell goods,(supply goods to other players cities if their business branches are on their cities) and produce their own goods by farming and shipping. This virtual game had 80 experience levels,which has been increased to 90 experience levels and currently increased to 125 experience levels with different names for your city every level you reach.
CityVille: Hometown
Zynga has also developed a mobile version of the game, which is available for download to iPhones. However, the mobile game is not connected to the web game.
The main currencies in CityVille are CV Cash and coins. Players buy citycash or earn it by leveling up. Currency can be used to purchase special items.
Several major music artists promoted their albums using CityVille. Lady Gaga items were available via RewardVille for a limited time. Enrique Iglesias also made his CityVille appearance in October 2011 giving players a task to build an Euphoria arena which is an Attraction in CityVille and an avatar of Enrique can be seen performing while it's open.[9] Another event promoted was the Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour event. Players had the opportunity to place an arena and play a concert.[10] A Michael Bublé promotion was released in December 2011 where players could build a bonfire and host a concert.[11]

Business franchises like Capital One, Best Buy, Coca-Cola and McDonald's also appeared in CityVille, allowing players to build replica shops for fixed periods of time.

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