10 December 2012

Only Idiots Believe That Dooms Day Happen In 2012

WASHINGTON - Administration National Aeronautics and Space (NASA) issued a serious warning against rumors of doomsday will occur on December 21, is based on the Maya calendar arrangement.

Astrobiologi Nasa Ames Research Center, David Morrison said the forecast is nonsense because it provokes fear and stress to the youth of the world.

According to NASA, they received a large number of emails and letters from people who are concerned about the matter.

"Some of them do not like eating, sleep and some are willing to kill themselves," said Morrison through video footage uploaded into Google Nasa, Wednesday.

"Through the stories disseminated Azerbaijan writer, Zecharia Stichin in 1976, an alien planet named Nibiru Sumerians discovered tribe would violate and destroy the Earth on that date.

"If Nibiru or Planet X exists, it must have been identified over the past decade and at this time probably are heading to Earth and can be seen clearly," said Morrison.

Morrison also refuted rumors that the Earth's magnetic field will reverse suddenly and the planet into a black hole exists at the center of the Milky Way. - MailOnline

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