19 July 2011

Chelsea vs Malaysia on July 21st 2011 in Kuala Lumpur

The Blues as Chelsea FC is called by their fans will be having a friendly football match against Malaysia selection on this date July 21st 2011 (time : 8:45 PM) which is on Thursday and the match will be held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Based on the schedule, the Chelsea FC match against the Malaysia team is just 8 days after Arsenal vs Malaysia

Malaysia XI Vs Arsenal 0-4 Full Match Highlights And Goals 13-7-2011 Arsenal Vs Malaysia 4-0 Malaysia XI Vs Arsenal 0-4 Full Match Highlights And Goals 13-7-2011 4-0 malaysian XI-arsenal 0-4 malaysia-arsenal 0-4 arsenal-malaysia 4-0 arsenal 4-0 malaysia ampia sintesi sky sports friendly club Malaysia Vs ArsenalMalaysia Vs Arsenal 0-4Malaysia Vs Arsenal 2011Malaysia Vs Arsenal 2011 0-4Arsenal Vs malaysia 4-0Malaysia-ArsenalArsenal-MalaysiaMalayisia - ArsenalMalaysiaVsArsenal2011

#12 Update 6/07/2011 Sorry for the late update guys. Btw, I have one ticket, the RM68 one, including the training passes for sale. Please check out this post. =)


Plus, there's a lot of forummers out there are currently selling their tickets (Liverpool vs Malaysia).


Other tickets, please kindly use the search button and check! ;).

#11 Update 11/06/2011: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets are now available at Bukit Jalil Stadium for purchase! They also give away free car stickers! While stocks last!!

*Source: Utusan Malaysia

#10 Update 10/06/2011: Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets are now available online at ticketpro!


#9 Update 09/06/2011: Liverpool training passes for sale!! PM pppieee for more info at lowyat's forum!

finally got it...thanks

i've got the training pass..maybe to be thrown away because cannot attend on that date...anyone wiling to buy?


#8 Update 06/06/2011: This is the most expensive by far, RM220 for a RM108 ticket (including the training passes). WTF.


#7 Update 05/06/2011: Another seller at mudah.my is selling the Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets at a very high price- RM200 for a RM108 ticket including the training passes.


*warning- Buy at your own risk!

#6 Update 04/06/2011: Tanch78 (A forummer from lowyat has 10 spare tickets- RM108 without the training passes for sale. Contact him for more info)

These ticket is either the buyer FFK case or refuse to make payment first. Again, these ticket is WITHOUT TRAINING PASS!!

My rule:

1) PM me. I will confirm your order. However, the order is only secured upon your payment. You have one day glance period to settle the payment (T+1).
2) Ticket delivery point: IOI Mall at night.
3) Mail order is accepted. You need to pay for Poslaju charges: RM10 for Penisular, RM20 for Sabah/Sarawak.

Pls provide me your name, mail address and contact number. Pls help me to help you guy get the ticket faster. Don't let me chasing you guys for these info.

#5 Update 03/06/2011: Liverpool ticket's with training passes are being sold at Mudah.my (warning: they're bloody expensive. RM68 tix> RM100)


*warning- Buy at your own risk.

#4 Update 03/06/2011: Most training passes are sold out from the respective ticket outlets from KL. The tickets are still there, but purchasing the ticket along with the training pass would be quite impossible now. (For KL area at the moment..i'll try to find other resources too)

#3 Update 03/06/2011: Excerpt taken from Lowyat forum referring to the user- "elninotorres"

for those need ticket I can help u,but if u willing to come at kepong or batu caves...

COD any area at kepong(my house) or batu caves (workplace)..


#2 Update 02/06/2011: Taken from Livermas.tumblr.com

As Salam and greetings to all Malaysian The Red supporters!

Good news to all loyal Liverpool FC supporters who doesn’t have an account with Standard Chartered Bank but still want to buy the ticket!
We can buy the HOT pre-EPL tickets for you and deliver it to you!

Because of high demand from our Reds supporter, this great offer from us Liverpool FC supporter for another Liverpool FC supporter like you will last until2nd of June ONLY! and available for Liverpool FC supporters within Klang Valley ONLY!
- Every ticket will be charged extra RM8.00 service fee from the original ticket because we have saved you from opening account that would cost you RM28.00 [ATM card RM8 + Deposit minimum RM20] and time from running to the bank for opening new account and que up for the ticket! Plus we will deliver the ticket to you personally! Hassle FREE!
- We will meet you and deliver the ticket to you at Dataran Merdeka ONLY!
- TICKET is genuine from Ticketpro!
Here is the instruction to purchase the ticket! Please read it carefully;

1. Please E-MAIL your detail like this:-
- name
- Ticket Type
* RM388.00 (Grand Stand - Free Seating - Infront the field)
*RM108.00 (Seat A - Free Seating - Middle Level)
*RM68.00 (Seat B - Free Seating - Top Level)
*RM58.00 (Seat C - Free Seating - Top Level)
- ticket quantity
- contact number
2. Attach together your scanned of bank-in detail as your prove of purchase to
E-Mail Address: livermas@gmail.com
3. After we have confirmed your payment we will contact you for the ticket delivery.
For more info please contact: +60176621415 (Mr. Faizal)
Every purchase one unit of ticket will come together with one FREE training pass*
*while stock last!
Please make your move fast! This offer will last untill 2nd of June 2011!

#1 Update 02/06/2011: Apparently there's some Malaysians who are kind enough to give out a helping hand to fellow kopites who want's to get their hands on the Liverpool Vs Malaysia tickets (hopefully with training pass too)- check out this link; Liverpool Vs Malaysia (lowyat forum)

I've ordered 5 tickets from a forummer named Tanch78. He'll be buying those tickets for me today! Yippee!!! Hurry up guys!
For the first time in Malaysia, Liverpool is comin'!

Other than Liverpool, two other top english clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal are coming this july too.

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