14 September 2010

OSK Investment Challenge - OSKIC

1. What is OSK Investment Challenge (OSKIC)?

The Game is a system that creates a mirror version of the live Bursa Malaysia environment. In this virtual environment, players make live game trades with virtual game money and watch as their investing decisions mature. Most important of all, players are able to test and hone their investing skills in a virtual environment without using actual money.
2. Who can play the Game?

Malaysian students aged 18 – 30 years. Participants must present a valid student ID and NRIC.
3. How do I register for the game?

To register,
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Join the OSK Investment Challenge workshops held at participating campuses within Klang Valley
4. How to play the Game?

a. Click on the Game link on the homepage navigation bar. Then proceed to the Game Trading Room
b. Find the Game Order Pad and click on the Stock you want to buy or sell (Short selling is not allowed.)
c. Enter the Quantity of Stocks you would like to buy or sell.
d. Choose Buy or Sell
e. Enter the Price.
f. Enter your Trading PIN.
(To make your next trade easier, you can check the Keep Trading PIN box. It will only keep the Trading PIN on the Game Order Pad for the duration you are logged on)
g. Click Submit.
To learn more, go to "Learn How To Play The Game"
5. Are there any costs involved to play the game?

No. There will be no fees involved during registration or while you play the game. The competition is completely free.
6. Do I need to be technically savvy to use the Stock Game?

To participate in the Stock Game, only simple keyboarding and PC skills are needed
7. What do I need to know about investing to play the game?

Only minimal knowledge about investing is needed.
Participants are invited to join the OSKIC workshops held at selected campuses within Klang Valley. Check our Official website/ facebook page for workshop details.
8. What is the registration period to join?

Registration starts on 26th July 2010 and closes on 1st October 2010, 5pm sharp. (Registration is open throughout the OSKIC gaming period.)
9. When is the OSKIC gaming period?

OSKIC will commence from 16th August 2010 to 1st October 2010, which spans over 33 market days. For more information refer to "OSKIC Game Ruler"
10. Do I have to have an e-mail address?

Yes, you must provide an e-mail address in order to participate in the game.
You will be provided with updates and useful information on a timely basis.
11. What is a Trading PIN?

A Trading PIN is a pin needed for you to make a trade at the bottom of the game page. The default trading PIN will be oskic1 and it cannot be reset. It can be found on the My Game Profile page.

(All participants will share the same trading pin. It is highly important that you do not share your registration ID and password with your competitors).

12. What are the OSKIC trading hours?

The Stock Game follows Bursa Malaysia’s official trading hours i.e. 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).
13. What can I do at OSKIC when markets are closed during off-trading hours?

Refer to tutorials.
14. Where can I refer to trading terminology?

For more information on financial jargons, you can refer to the Glossary.
15. Registration issues
a. I can’t register. Why?

You can only register once with your college/university student ID. A second registration with the same student ID is not allowed.
b. I have not received my verification mail. Why?

You will receive the verification mail within 48 hours. Do check your spam/junk mail folder.
c. I can’t validate my account using the verification link. What do I do next?

Please send your enquiries to techhelp@oskic.com. Remember to include your registration details including your name, IC number, email address and contact number used to sign up for the game.
d. I have not received my trading pin after registration. Why?

The trading pin will not be sent to your mail. Please refer to FAQ no. 11 (Reminder: Your trading pin is “oskic1”).
e. I have registered but entered the wrong details. How do I change my details?

Please send your enquiries to techhelp@oskic.com. Remember to include your registration details including your name, IC number, email address and contact number used to sign up for the game.
f. I can’t register because my university or college is not on the list.

Please send your enquiries to techhelp@oskic.com and provide us the name and location of your institution followed by your name and contact number.
g. I have yet to resolve my registration issues even after being advised. What do I do next?

For the above and any other registration issues, please send us your enquiries to techhelp@oskic.com or contact us at our OSKIC helpline +603 2080 8338. When contacting us via email, remember to include your registration details including your name, IC number, email address and contact number used to sign up for the game.
16. I can’t view the stock market platform, order status, videos etc. Why?

Please install Java 6 in order to view the stock market screen. Further, do check your web browser compatibilities and disable the relevant pop-up blockers for certain components to function.
17. I have more questions that are not covered here. Where can I get help?

Visit our Official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/oskic.fb or Twitter page at www.twitter.com/oskic - Our team of administrators will be on stand by to attend to your enquiries. Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas and questions!

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