14 September 2010

MAXIS - Hotlink Latest News

Making a fair comparison in order to choose the best prepaid mobile phone plan may be a difficult job but in the end it's all depends on what you actually want and what your priorities are. Here I had intentionally chose two major prepaid services as at this point of time these two are the most popular prepaid plans in Malaysia. Maxis Hotlink is a prepaid plan provided by Maxis Communication while Celcom Blue is the latest prepaid plan from Celcom Malaysia.

Maxis Hotlink prepaid can be considered as the perfect plan for teens. Increasing numbers of young adults using the prepaid plan is the reason why Maxis works hard to promote the plan. The call rate is cheaper than Digi and it's even cheaper when you activate your Maxis Activ10. After activating Activ10, you can also send out SMS to those numbers you registered at only a cent per SMS. This may look like a good deal last time however Celcom has launched a new prepaid plan they called Celcom Blue. The plan comes with a similar added service "Teman 20". Activating the service means you can registered up to 20 numbers so you can voice call or video call at only 15 cents per minute and texting costs you only a cent. A slap for Maxis Hotlink but a bless for all of us!

Though Digi has come out with many great plans including for its postpaid service, Maxis and Celcom still rule the game at this time. With its outstanding reception, Celcom has managed to get subscribers from both rural and urban areas. This may not be long since the government has fully implemented the rule where all networks should cover any areas in Malaysia. In other words, they must all share their reception points in order to optimize the service. I am sure the competition among the telecommunication providers will be greater and that also means more rewards and freebies for all the users.

Speaking of location, Maxis Hotlink has quite a low rate for international calls. Again, Celcom Blue beat Maxis when it comes out. Even the charge for roaming service is also quite lower than Maxis. Nevertheless, it's up to what your priority is. If you travel much internationally, then maybe Celcom Blue suits your need. If you spend most of your time here in the country, then perhaps you should get your hand on Maxis Hotlink.

Another good thing about Maxis Hotlink is its great after-sale service. Whenever you call their customer care service center, I can guarantee you the satisfaction. Well, this maybe due to the plan has matured long enough and the agents are all well-trained to answer any sorts of questions and problems.

You can expect about the same thing with Celcom if you are using Celcom Xpax, but this may not be true with the new Celcom Blue. The plan is still new and there are possibilities the agents are not too good at resolving your problem.

Maybe it's a bit too soon to evaluate Celcom Blue but so far all the added services are greater than Maxis Hotlink. And from what I know from my friends who use Celcom prepaid plan, they don't receive sms from Celcom regularly. Only once a while SMS promotions received and that is a good thing. I don't like to receive promotions all day and everyday. Maybe Maxis Hotlink should look into that as that is about the same with email spam concept. I hope you can now choose the best plan that suits your needs and also your wants.

Maxis Hotlink is definitely a better choice when it comes to calling abroad from your prepaid mobile phone. Realizing that there are just so many expatriates here in Malaysia, Maxis Hotlink has taken the initiative to include a special promotion for those who subscribe for the “Maxis Prepaid Package”. Its effort has also helped many of those who need to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Currently Maxis Hotlink is offering a special promotional package where IDD call rates to fourteen countries including India has been reduced significantly. Countries included in the package to call up using Maxis prepaid mobile phone are Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and also Vietnam. The call rates however are only applicable from 9pm Malaysian time to 9am Malaysian time.

Let’s check out some of the low cost call rate offered by Maxis Hotlink. Calling Philippines from Malaysia using Maxis prepaid mobile phone will only cost you 50 cents every minute and as far as I am concern, this is a very low call rate. Same call rate applies when you call Indonesia from Malaysia using this Maxis Hotlink IDD call plan. However, the call rate is slightly higher when you make calls to Cambodia from your Maxis mobile phone. It will cost you 90 cents per minute.

The Maxis Super IDD call plan is available to all current Maxis users that are using other maxis call plans. Other mobile phone plans such as Maxis Hotlink Plan, Maxis Hotlink EM Plan, Maxis Hotlink Total Plan, Maxis Hotlink Talk Plan, and also maxis hotlink SMS plan, each one of them has its own uniqueness but without changing cell phone plan, you can still enjoy super low rates for 12 hours every day from 9pm to 9am.
One thing that a lot of users failed to understand is how actually the mobile phone service provider charges its users on calls. Keep in mind that calls are charged at 30-second blocks. For example, if the call rate is 75 cents per 30-second, you will be charged at full amount of 75 cents even if that mobile phone call duration only took 29 seconds. In other words, every single second is worth it, so I recommend you to plan accordingly you decide to make any mobile phone call.
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