26 August 2008

List of Bermuda Triangle Incidents

This is a listing of some incidents that are claimed to have occurred within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle, which was blamed for many unexplained disappearances that occurred in her waters. To date, over 1700 ships and planes have been alleged as having disappeared without trace or lost their crews in that particular area of the Atlantic Ocean. Although most of these disappearances have been explained or solved, others await a satisfactory explanation. [1]

It must be noted that some of the cases listed below, which are popularly associated with the area, were actually not in or known to be in the Triangle at the time of their disappearance or incident. There are also no recorded listings of mysterious disappearances of or from trains or road vehicles, and only one, unsourced, claim of disappearance from a building.

Aircraft Incidents





  • F-4 Phantom II "Sting 27", lost on October 10, 1971 (F-4E of 307 TFS lost on a training mission, oil slick spotted on the water where radar last placed the aircraft)
  • Piper Cherokee, vanishes with 6 aboard on July 13, 1974
  • Fighting Tiger 524, lost on February 22, 1978 (The NTSB has no record of such an incident)
  • 1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, registration N407D, lost with four passengers and crew; vanished off radar scope while beginning approach for landing.
  • Caribbean Flight 912, lost November 3, 1978 (The NTSB records this loss as happening on approach to the airport in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, no where near the (Bermuda Triangle")



  • Grumman Cougar Jet, lost on October 31, 1991 (This aircraft was lost south of New Orleans, LA, while flying from Houston, TX to Tallahassee, FL. No where near the "Bermuda Triangle.")

Sumber: Wikipedia.com

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